About Us?


We aim and passionately believe in breeding ponies of true Welsh Mountain type with quality, substance and movement teamed with those all important fantastic temperaments.

For our family the ponies provide enormous pleasure and this tradition now spans five generations, a fact we are all immensely proud of.

A well known character and gentleman Roy Gray of the former Marshpool stud, started us on this journey in 2001 when we purchased Blaenau Playday, at his dispersal sale. So began a love affair with the ponies on the hills and marshes of Wales.

Blaenau Vishap with North Hill Farm and Tor in the background

Our recent involvement has been to be members of the Llanrhidian Marsh Ponies Improvement Society, committee members of the Hill Ponies of Wales, contributors to the Friends of the Hill Ponies of Wales magazine and a Trustee of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society.

The family have grazed ponies, sheep and cattle on the marsh below the family farm at North Hill and the Tor has formed the basis of the stud name Torcoed (Wooded hill). Presently the family has an established flock of MV accredited Lleyn Sheep and often there is stock of all ages available for sale.

We fully support the Hill Ponies of Wales work in preserving the semi feral Welsh Mountain ponies in their natural habitat on the hills and marshes of Wales. The ponies have and continue to play a fundamental role in the Welsh heritage and culture. Indeed their role in tourism is recognised by the Welsh Government and National Parks.

These ponies help to maintain the ecology and environment in which they live. Their selective grazing is used in the management plans of many environmentally sensitive sites including sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) to create and maintain a mosaic pattern of grazing which is so important to insects such a the Marsh Fritillary butterfly as well as other flora and fauna.

Preservation of this breed in its natural environment is not only of benefit to its surrounding habitat but preserves the gene pool of this uniquely hardy and adaptable breed, forming an iconic heritage for Wales.